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What is Vaping? PDF Print E-mail

"Vaping" is the act of using a personal vaporizer or electronic cigarette. We like to call it a "Vapor Stick".


Invented in China and popular in Europe for several years, the electronic cigarette is now in the US. It mimics cigarettes in several ways. It looks similar, usually has a light in the tip that glows when used. You also exhale what looks like smoke. But, this is the most important difference in the vapor stick. That "smoke" is actually mostly water vapor. And yes, they do deliver nicotine at the level you desire. (Or none at all.)


The nicotine in vapor sticks is contained in a Propylene Glycol solution usually along with a flavoring agent. The solution is contained in a replaceable cartridge so that the concentration of nicotine and flavor can be easily changed. This ease of changing the nicotine level is the main reason lots of smokers have successfully used this device to taper off of nicotine altogether.


Whether you intend to eventually wean off of nicotine or not, the simplicity of the delivery of the chemical makes the vapor stick an attractive option to the 4000 odd chemicals in an analog cigarette.